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Construction Engineering

newconstruction400x400D3G’s Capital Needs Assessment (synonymous with PCNA, PNA, PCR and PIR) provides visual building system evaluation, as well as confirming building code and accessibility compliance. The potential negative outcomes of poorly designed, constructed, and managed real estate investments have dramatically changed how properties are financed. Our pre-purchase and pre-mortgage inspections provide prospective purchasers and lenders information to identify current and immediate property deficiencies, life/safety issues, deferred maintenance and long-term expenditures. Dominion Due Diligence Group provides professional comprehensive assessment services in accordance with ASTM E 2018, as well as, financial institution specific requirements (HUD, SHFA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, USDA, etc.).

Capital Needs Assessment

D3G performs Capital Needs Assessments (CNA) of existing multifamily housing and healthcare facilities. Capital Needs Assessments provide insight relative to a property’s physical condition, repairs and future replacement costs.  Funding schedules are prepared for immediate deficiencies, deferred maintenance, and capital replacement reserves.  Green CNA services can be offered whereby the conventional CNA is reviewed for energy efficient options.  Areas of investigations include a review of the following:
  •  Structural Elements
  •  Energy Compliance - link to our Energy & Sustainability page
  •  Mechanical - Electric - Plumbing (MEP) Systems
  •  Fire Protection and Alarms (NFPA)
  •  Envelope (roofing, siding, windows and doors)
  •  Site Improvements
  •  Vertical Transportation
  •  Interior Finish Elements
  •  Code and Zoning Compliance Inquiries
  •  Accessibility Compliance


Reserve for Replacement (R4R) Evaluation

D3G routinely provides Reserve for Replacement (R4R) analyses for existing and proposed structures. Many lending programs utilize formula-based R4R deposit determinations; however, for greater accuracy D3G can provide projected R4R funding schedules. Areas of R4R expertise include:
  •  Critical (Life Safety) Cost Estimation
  •  Reserve for Replacement Tables (7 to 37 year loan terms)
  •  Condominium R4R Analysis Documentation
  •  Asset Management R4R Annual Reviews
  •  Major Movable Inventory (aka FF&E) and Reserve Analysis
  •  Cost Segregation R4R Analysis


Architectural Review

D3G offers Architectural/Engineering design review and consulting services for multifamily and healthcare properties. Our staff of IBC plan reviewers, accredited architects, and professional engineers have unparalleled experience with the intricate needs of housing and healthcare properties. D3G can provide architectural and engineering (A/E) review services to facilitate the needs of the lending agency, the underwriter, the developer, and the design professionals. Areas of A/E review expertise include:
  •  Architectural Plan Review
  •  Building Code Compliance
  •  Handicap Accessibility Compliance (FHAAG, ADAAG, UFAS, ABA, ANSI, etc.)
  •  Construction Inspections


Construction Cost Estimation

D3G offers Construction Cost Estimation services for multifamily and healthcare properties. Our staff of experienced general contractors, housing developers and HUD-qualified cost analysts have incomparable experience with cost estimation of housing and healthcare.  D3G provides these services in tandem with our Architectural Review services.  D3G's 20 years of housing and healthcare experience provide a valuable database of comparable costs on new construction and sub-rehab developments over a nationwide geographic area. D3G provides these services in conjunction with our Architectural Review services. Areas of cost review expertise include:
  •  Independent Construction Cost Estimation
  •  Construction Draw Inspections
  •  Insured Replacement Cost Calculation
  •  Reserve for Replacement (R4R) Calculation
  •  Cost Not Attributable (CNA) Calculation


Accessibility Compliance

Our unparalleled 20 years of experience with federally funded apartments and healthcare facilities provides our firm with a detailed understanding of the complex handicap accessibility regulations. Areas of accessibility expertise include:
  •  Fair Housing Act (FHA) Compliance
  •  Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) Compliance
  •  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
  •  Section 504 Accessibility Inspection
  •  Section 504 Accessibility Transition Plans
  •  Construction Design Document Review
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