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Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

D3G has been involved with the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program since its inception. D3G focuses on multifamily and affordable housing , and is a steward for the preservation of affordable housing, as evidenced by our commitment to this market. We provide the RAD Physical Condition Assessment which consists of three distinct scopes of work: Part 1 - Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) Report comparing Green vs. Traditional Requirements, Part 2 - ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit, and Part 3 - Utility Consumption Baseline (UCB). An objective of the RPCA is to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, maximize water efficiency, use re-used and recycled materials where practical, safeguard the indoor environmental quality of the property, and remove/re-use replaced materials and construction debris appropriately. Our Assessment Team personnel have vast expertise in multifamily construction engineering, energy auditing, and green capital needs assessment.

Central Park Towers


  •  Over 45,000 units
  •  Over 100 Clients
  •  100% Success Rate


  •  Description of the property elements and their respective physical condition.
  •  Identification of the property’s:
      • Immediate-Critical Repair Needs;
      • 24-Month (Non-Critical) Repair Needs; and
      • Expected repair, replacement, and major maintenance needs over the following 20 year period (Long Term Reserve for Replacements).
  • The total estimated cost, in current dollars, to complete such items.
  •  Identification of all major work items to bring the developments up to a level at least equal to the current modernization & energy conservation standards.
  • Inventory of energy and water using equipment, with recommendations for Energy Water Conservation Measures (EWCM).


  •  Data entry of CNA data, and the GPNA platform can be aggregated.
  •  Energy Audit reports for RAD comply with the GPNA ruling.
  •  Existing Energy Performance Contracts  (EPC) can be reviewed.
  •  Utility Allowance (UA) Calculations for PBRA can be performed.
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